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Chip Power NTDD for Suzuki Jimny 1.5 DDIS - Horse power 85cv (102cv) - Par 200Nm (240Nm). Common Rail
VAT not included
Brand NTDD title=
Delivery term Available
Serves for
· SUZUKI Jimny [1998-2018]
Get increased power and torque for your vehicle 4x4, by optimizing the fuel injection software, which means more power in acceleration, with a smooth, easy and safe handling overtaking.

Advantages power chip NTDD:

He works throughout injection mapping by adding the right amount of fuel at each point independently depending on the parameters measured injection control.

Works with digital values ​​without being influenced by external temperatures

Safe operation because the unit would be disconnected leaving the vehicle in the normal operation in the absence of any measure of the above,

Possibility of adjusting the parameters of the injection correction function of the vehicle characteristics and the type of driver the same unit reprogram * "* Optional"

Absence of electromechanical adjusting elements so that the repetitive operation over product life is guaranteed.

To increase engine performance is needed to supplement the amount of fuel needed at each stage in order to achieve performance optimization.

For this variable feed parameters are set according to the following characteristics:

Frm right to left the symbols mean the following:

Signal switch: The unit is on or off.

Accelerator pedal: We measured the driver's intentions and therefore limits the fuel in order not to damage the engine brake and control consumption.

Air mass measurement (CMA): Depending on the air in the combustion chamber we can add more or less fuel. It also controls the emission of smoke and combustion.

Coolant temperature Cº: Set security parameters so as not to operate the unit until a minimum temperature is reached in the engine and therefore the fuel and its elements in contact with them.

Engine speed X100: Complementary air masses and accelerator and therefore third factor optimization.

Easy installation wiring or interface *.
Each unit is supplied with the necessary wiring for proper installation, soldering wires to the wiring connecting the original control.
There are models that have quick wire "interface sold separately," even more so facilitate the installation of the unit.

Each model has its switchboard specified with special programming according to the intended use to allocate the vehicle.

You can see how the engine torque increases and is more progressive than the original curve.

Additional switchboards NTDD not affect safety levels, always working on the tolerance margins designed by the manufacturer, getting an extra improvement in torque and improved fuel consumption in variable driving carried out by each driver.

All switchboards have an off button to return to the original power curve at any time.

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